The Olympic Fight Comes With New Rules Looking To Be More Attractive

Dragon King Wrestling & Olympic BattleThe Olympic battle seeks to adapt to the modern times. After battling and beating other sports for prevailing in the Olympic program, this combat sport launched new rules, already approved, to be implemented in the Olympic Games of Rio.

This weekend, the Women’s Fight Open will take place in Rio (January 30-31). Precisely the female branch was pleased with new rules, hoping that they become more attractive. Squash and the unified proposal of baseball and softball were overcome by the Olympic fight in 2014, when the match was expected to be out for the Tokyo Games, 2020.

The official website of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro highlights the new rules for this sport. “To guarantee the permanence of the discipline in the Olympic Program, the International Wrestling Federation (FILA) updated its regulations in search of greater aggressiveness and dynamics during the fights,” highlights the website.

The main change, he explains, was the duration of the fight, which has gone from three rounds of two minutes to two or three minutes with a cumulative score, which means that the fighters have more time to try to defeat their opponent by obtaining the most significant amount of points.

This Sport Brings A New Concept To Rio 2016

Rio 2016Expanding the participation of women in sports was also another critical point in the new era of the discipline. To achieve this, new feminine categories were included -58kg, 53kg, 69kg, and 75kg replaced 55kg and 72kg-, which will appear in the test event.

In freestyle as well as in Greco-Roman, athletes have the same objective: to put the opponent back on the mat, accumulating points according to the movements used. The big difference with wrestling is that you cannot actively use your legs or attack your opponent’s.

The Olympic wrestling championship will take place at Rio Carioca Arena 1, in Rio de Janeiro, where 65 athletes from different countries are expected, including the Russian Olympic champion, Natalia Vorobieva.

We will see. Athletes were competing in all Olympic categories. The competition will also be faster, so it is essential to evaluate the administration of the installation. We will also have 66 volunteers at the test event to ensure that they will be ready during the Games, “said Gilles Toloni, director of the wrestling competition in Rio 2016.