The five significant differences between Mexican Wrestling and WWE

With more than 80 years of history, Lucha Libre is one of the sports that are already part of the culture of Mexico. However, in the last decade, he has faced a rival that apparently looks more spectacular and popular, American wrestling, specifically the WWE.

Mexican Wrestling and WWEIf something the gringos know how to do it is to sell and that is what they have done in our country thanks to the marketing, they apply so well, but if it is about style to fight the Mexican fans, they prefer the method that is developed in the Council. World Wrestling and the AAA.

Before the great event that WWE will give next Saturday in Mexico City, we present the five significant differences between wrestling in Mexico and the United States

Paraphernalia vs. Sobriety

The popularity of the WWE is due in large part to the show that they mount around a fight. From the presentation of the fighter -some of them with retinue-, the speeches before the start of the battle. Such is the show that makes it often last longer than the fight itself. A clear example was the appearance of Dwayne Johnson, ‘The Rock,’ in the RAW event on October 6, where his fight did not last 30 seconds.

On the other hand, Mexican wrestling is more focused on fighting. While they give their time to present the fighters, the focus is on combat and not so much time is lost in them.

Classic wrestling vs. American style

While Americans are known to be more direct, that is, resorting more to blows than to keys. Also, the struggles in Mexico are two out of three falls, and in the United States, it is one.


The physicist of the ‘gringo’ fighter stands out for being more stylized, better worked and more significant, by pure genetics. Many Mexicans say that they do not have the best body and that they are even fanning zones, but the truth is that they have a physique more similar to that of a fighter and not so much a bodybuilder as their counterpart.

Mask vs. Hair

Mexican wrestling is characterized by extra that adds the cover that helps to create an entire identity, and that can be adopted by children who, by putting on the ‘tapa’ help, become their idols.

In the WWE the mask is little used and used, to the extent that the few fighters who work for this company are Mexican, like ‘Sin Cara.’

Divas vs. Wrestlers

It is one of the most attractive points of the WWE. His athletes look like models and become the spectators’ fantasy. While Mexican wrestlers are not as famous for their attractiveness if they are for their fighting style, which is similar to that of men.