Ten Greats In The History Of Mexican Wrestling

Modern wrestling is the remembrance of the epic battles in which the gladiators beat body to body, to obtain the glory that gives the victory. Mexico is one of the countries in the world, where this sport is deeply rooted, has a tradition of many years and higher quality.

The Mexican fighters were for a long time considered more than just athletes, they were idols of crowds, big and small; they even got to adopt the role of superheroes who, like Batman or Superman, but with different abilities and very capitalized.

Modern gladiators with striking attire and masks that evoke, in many cases, demons or carnival figures that keep behind them the mystery of the identity of the man. The mythology took to a quadrilateral; the eternal confrontation of good against evil where, however painful the battle, always the one who defends justice will win, or at least get the sympathy and the ovations of the public.

Our country has been the birthplace of great fighters who have made the fans vibrate with their keys, their hauls and with all the paraphernalia that pancreatic. That's why in Garuyo we show you 10 of the most important and historical Mexican fighters in history.

Ray of Jalisco

One of the most loved in history because it symbolized the Mexicanness made flesh.


One of the most coveted masks in its times for its spectacularity and mysticism. He also ventured into television acting in the adventure The Adventures of Capulina with the great Gaspar Engine. Always accompanied by his faithful Aluxe, the Mayan elf.

Pedro "El Perrot" Aguayo

The bravest of the braves. He earned his nickname and became one of the most beloved by always rowing against the current. Also, his teddy boots were pure good vibes.

Villano V

Heir of the dynasty of the great Ray Mendoza. A ferocious fighter and always delivered. Rude by conviction. He was still wrapped by his brothers (the villains), but he shone by himself for his tenacity and fierceness.

Son of the Aguayo Dog

Pedro Aguayo Ramirez has been characterized by honoring his name. Founding leader of the tremendous "Perros del Mal," he is one of the most feared fighters in Mexico. He never wanted to adopt the nickname of junior for respect and recognition of his father.

Eddy Guerrero

Although he is not Mexican by birth, he did carry in his veins the Latin American Latin blood of his father, the great Salvador "Gory" Guerrero. He made much of his career in the United States in the WWE where he shone as few.

King Mystery Jr.

Son of a wrestling legend. His career began in the Mexican arenas where he learned the technique and perfected his style that accompanies with high speed. She is currently one of the superstars of WWE where she puts on top the feeling of a Latin warrior.