Five Workouts for Building Lean Muscles Quickly

The main aim of weightlifting, bodybuilding or even the general workout routine is to acquire muscle mass. Muscles not only offer power and strength but can also be an indication of good health and an important part of a well-toned body when not covered by a layer of fats.

Thus, the task of obtaining lean muscles, without fats, is essential to any athlete. So, what are some of the best workout for building lean muscles fast?

Here are five workout routines that will help you gain lean muscles very fast.

Dumbbell benchDumbbell bench press.

The dumbbell bench press is one of the best workouts that will help you build lean muscles within a short time.

This workout helps in strengthening and building lean muscles on the upper part of the body which includes shoulders, chest, and triceps. Dumbbell bench press allows for a perfect range motion in the chest and is also easier on shoulders as well as preventing pain.

How to do the dumbbell bench press.

Resting on your back on a bench while holding a pair of dumbbells directly over your sternum and your hands completely extended. Draw your shoulder blades together, somewhat sticking out your chest, and point your arms frontward. Gradually lower each dumbbell to the sides of your chest. Stop, then push the dumbbells back to the original position.


This is one of the simplest but effective forms of exercise to build lean muscles on arms, chest and shoulders.

pushupsHow to do pushups.

Start by putting your hands on the ground slightly wider than your shoulder-width apart. Ensure your body is in a straight line from your body to ankles.

Lower your body until your chest is a few inches from the ground ensuring that your elbows are tucked on the sides of your torso. Stop, then push yourself to the original position.

Leg press.

This workout is ideal for building legs and thighs lean muscles.

How to do leg press.

Adjust the machine seat until you can comfortably sit while your hips are below your knees and your knees are in line with your feet. Bring down your knees towards your chest such that they are bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Push back and repeat the same process.

Barbell squat.

If you are looking at building the legs, arm string, thigh, and chest lean muscles, then barbell squat is perfect for you.

How to do barbell squats.

Put the barbell on the rack a few inches above your shoulder. Stand in front of the rack and hold it using your hands while taking it out of the rack. Allow it to rest on the upper side of your back and ensure your elbows stay up to balance the bar. Slowly squat as low as you can, ensuring you don’t lose the balance of the bar on your back. Press your legs on the ground and push yourself up. Repeat the process as much as you can.

Rope crunch.

Rope crunch is perfect for building triceps, arms, back, and shoulder lean muscles. When modified properly, rope crunch can also be used to build the biceps muscles.

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How to do rope crunch.

Hold the rope attached to the machine and kneel down below it facing the machine. Pull down the rope on the machine until it is in level with your head. Do inverted crunch by lowering your elbows to your thighs while keeping your abs contracted. Return slowly to the starting point and repeat the process.