Triple H

Triple H

wrestling Active years: 1987 – Present

The current vice president of the WWE was the visible face of the so-called Age of Attitude, a period that covered the transition between the 90s and the 2000s. It was necessary that wrestling became sharper and politically wrong, so this human mountain (one of the strongest fighters of recent decades) was more than willing to play a game of pain with his rivals. Perhaps the most important of them was The Rock: his fight at Wrestle Mania in 2000 was, surely, his best moment in the ring.

Now he plays a rather malevolent authority figure: his marriage to Stephanie McMahon began as a story line in 1999, but they ended up making it a reality shortly after. Sometimes, professional wrestling can be a bit like ‘Game of Thrones’.

Roddy Pipper

Years active: 1969 – 2015

mythical confrontationThe Piper left a hole the size of Scotland in the hearts of all fans when he died this summer. This was the show with capital letters, to the point that many viewers unfamiliar with WWE have it on a pedestal thanks to ‘They are alive!’. Within the stadiums, Piper starred in an absolutely mythical confrontation with Hulk Hogan that, in some way, also included the singer Cindy Pauper in the mix. The scholars of this consider that moment as the birth of modern wrestling, of the pop machinery that is still valid today.

The guy knew how to make people entertain themselves: there is, for example, his section ‘Piper’s Pit’, in which he fed new feud with anyone who was your guest every week. Oh, and everything was unscripted. Because the Piper did not need a script to put millions of people in his pocket.