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Boxing And Jogging: How They Go Together

Are you aspiring to be a good boxer? Well then, you need to have a strong cardiovascular ability as well as strong legs that will not weaken as the fight drags on. This means that you need to do a lot of workout in the gym to build your muscles, improve your strength as well as increasing your speed. But did you know that besides hitting the gym, jogging is also an essential part of training especially if you want to improve your overall fitness and lung capacity? I thought you should know.boxing training twice a day

Most people think that jogging is a form of exercise that is meant for footballers and athletes, but the truth is jogging is as important to any boxer as it is to other athletes or fitness enthusiasts. Jogging in the morning late in the evening will help improve your overall fitness and increase your lung capacity, hence you will be able to last long in a fight. Jogging also helps build the leg muscles and in return help to increase your stamina which is very important in a boxing fight.

One technique that is used by most boxers is to wear wrist and ankle weights when jogging. As they run, the weights help in toning the leg and hand muscles to improve their strength and stamina. When the weights are taken off the body, most people find themselves to be very light and they can move their legs and arms very fast. It is also important that as you jog, you move directly from running to shadowboxing during each step you make. This helps improve your fighting techniques and as well as increasing your endurance.

cardio boxing benefitsPerhaps you must have seen a few boxers jog down the street while making stops to start shadowboxing before resuming the jogging. They might look as though they are throwing some punches to a ghost but the truth is they are making imitation of a real fight in a boxing ring.

It may look fairy silly to you, but a good boxer understands that in the long end, it will sharpen his or her kills and keep him or her up for the next challenge in the next fight.

However, it is important not to substitute jogging for workouts in the gym. You will still need to lift weights, do push-ups and sit-ups if you want to take your boxing career to the next level. A combination of both boxing and jogging is a great way to enhance your boxing performance, so, next time you see a boxer running while throwing flying fists, don’t think they have gone mad. It’s a way of sharpening their boxing skills.…

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Tips on Choosing the Right Boxing Equipment For You

Are you a boxing professional or do you want to start your boxing career? If that is the case, the first thing you need know is the various types of boxing equipment needed for both training and competitions. Before I give you the tips on choosing the right boxing equipment, let me first give you a basic knowledge about the available boxing equipment.

Boxing equipment can be divided in different categories and each category has a wide range of products in it. Besides the categories, the boxing equipment can be categorized based on its purpose. Some of the most common boxing equipment include boxing gloves, boxing headgear, mouth piece, punching bags, and attires among others. Below are the tips for choosing each and every equipment to ensure that you pick the right equipment:

  • Boxing Gloves

When choosing boxing gloves, it is important that you first consider the type of gloves you need. You also need to know the size of gloves that fit your palms. Gloves sizes are measured in ounce, commonly denoted by oz. The typical size of gloves are 12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz, and 18 oz. what oz gloves for sparring

The bigger the ounce the better the paddling. If you are just starting out your boxing practice, you will need the bigger ounce. It is also essential to know that the size of the gloves you are using should be based on the size of the gloves that your opponent is using. For instance, it will do you little good if you are using an 18 oz gloves to fight an opponent using a 12 oz gloves. Always ensure that you a wearing gloves that are of the same size as your opponent.

  • Boxing Headgear

Most boxers do not like to use the boxing headgear because it seems to hinder their ability to move while at the same time interfering with the peripheral vision. In fact, most professional boxers fight without the head-gears. However it is important to have one because it helps prevent head injuries.

When selecting a headgear, be sure to buy a headgear that fits your head perfectly or one that is adjustable. A loose headgear is likely to come off your head with a single punch from your opponent or trainer while a tight fitting headgear may be uncomfortable on your head.

  • Mouthpiece

It’s very possible that you can pick up a single or double mouthpiece at a relatively low price, so, there is no excuse why you should not be having one or two for both your training and boxing competitions. best heavy bag gloves for beginnerMouthpiece are essential equipment that every boxer or any other individual aspiring to be a boxer should have.

Several people have made the mistake of jumping into boxing sessions with the mouthpiece during their early days and ended up chipping or losing a few teeth.

When buying a mouthpiece, choose one that can easily molt to your mouth. Usually, you just need to dump it in some hot water and then put it in your mouth and bite it down then allow it to cool. When it cools down, it will take the shape of your teeth.

Avoid buying cheap mouthpiece as they may not protect your teeth and jaw in the best way possible. Most cheap mouthpiece are made from weak materials that can easily break when a strong punch is directed to you, hence put your jaws and teeth at risk. The more you invest on your mouthpiece, the better the mouthpiece and the more protection it can offer your teeth and jaws.

  • Punch Bags

Punch bags are an essential part of your boxing career. You will need them for training purposes. So, it is essential that you have the best punch bags possible that will enhance your performance in the ring.
When buying a punch bag, there are several things you will need to consider and that will depend on a number of factors, especially on the areas you want to improve such as speed and timing or just building your power.

When buying a punch bag, do not go for the cheap ones. Though the low price may be tempting, it will not provide you with the quality and good feel you need. You might be forced to spend more on a quality bag but be sure to get the best out of it.

Another thing you need to consider is the material used to make the bag. Leather is the most expensive but durable material that will provide you with the good feel besides saving on constant repairs. My recommendation is that you go for the leather punch bag if you can afford it.

Another thing you need to know is whether a punching bag is filled or not. Most bags come filled though some are not filled. If you want to the best punching bag, then you need to fill it yourself. Filling the bag on your own give you the perfect opportunity to fill it with the right materials that with get you the perfect firmness.

Boxing is a great sport but without the right equipment, you may not enjoy the game as expected. It can also be dangerous if you don’t have the right protective gear. So always have the right equipment and learn proper techniques to lower the risks of getting injuries.…