Boxing And Jogging: How They Go Together

boxing stamina workout

Are you aspiring to be a good boxer? Well then, you need to have a strong cardiovascular ability as well as strong legs that will not weaken as the fight drags on. This means that you need to do a lot of workout in the gym to build your muscles, improve your strength as well as increasing your speed. But did you know that besides hitting the gym, jogging is also an essential part of training especially if you want to improve your overall fitness and lung capacity? I thought you should know.boxing training twice a day

Most people think that jogging is a form of exercise that is meant for footballers and athletes, but the truth is jogging is as important to any boxer as it is to other athletes or fitness enthusiasts. Jogging in the morning late in the evening will help improve your overall fitness and increase your lung capacity, hence you will be able to last long in a fight. Jogging also helps build the leg muscles and in return help to increase your stamina which is very important in a boxing fight.

One technique that is used by most boxers is to wear wrist and ankle weights when jogging. As they run, the weights help in toning the leg and hand muscles to improve their strength and stamina. When the weights are taken off the body, most people find themselves to be very light and they can move their legs and arms very fast. It is also important that as you jog, you move directly from running to shadowboxing during each step you make. This helps improve your fighting techniques and as well as increasing your endurance.

cardio boxing benefitsPerhaps you must have seen a few boxers jog down the street while making stops to start shadowboxing before resuming the jogging. They might look as though they are throwing some punches to a ghost but the truth is they are making imitation of a real fight in a boxing ring.

It may look fairy silly to you, but a good boxer understands that in the long end, it will sharpen his or her kills and keep him or her up for the next challenge in the next fight.

However, it is important not to substitute jogging for workouts in the gym. You will still need to lift weights, do push-ups and sit-ups if you want to take your boxing career to the next level. A combination of both boxing and jogging is a great way to enhance your boxing performance, so, next time you see a boxer running while throwing flying fists, don’t think they have gone mad. It’s a way of sharpening their boxing skills.